Choosing the Correct Workout Music

One of the greatest motivators in today’s world is music. When working out, music plays a very important role. Music can determine how energetic you will be able to continue with the workout or how boring and demotivated it can be. There are some tips that can really help when you want your workout to not only be fun but also yield results.

How to make a good pick?

Start the correct way: you need to know that the very first song on the set sets the pace and tone for the entire workout. Many people have a hard time starting a workout. When you begin with a song that actually motivates you means that the entire workout will actually be great. When you have the correct tempo, you pick it up as you continue.


Mix: it is essential that you use different tunes since this will deal with the monotony that one single piece of music can actually have. The best songs can be finny, nostalgic, uplifting, mid tempo, fast and so on as long as they are able to blend well. Humor keeps the whole workout interesting.

Personalize: if there is a song that you really associate with in a positive way, then you should include it. It could be a song that reminds of something really pleasant or a time that you were very happy.

Pop is good: according to different studies that have been conducted, it has been noted that women actually like to stick to beat as they work out. Pop music provides a great steady rhythm. This is the best genre if you want to follow the beat.

Make it cool: you need to have some cool down music so as to be sure you do not skimp. Choose some songs that allow you to be at a slower pace.

Many studies show that rhythmic music influences a person’s athletic performance, you can therefore use this information to create a playlist that will totally work for you as you work out.

The science behind this fact

Fast paced music is a preference for most people and many of us include it when we exercise. There is a very important correlation that exists between athletic performance and fast paced kind of music. The study used stationary bicycles and allowed volunteers to ride when the pace of the music was normal. In the studies that followed, some were given music that had been slowed down while others were given music that had been sped up. The change in performance could be noted almost immediately. When the music was fast, riders pedaled faster and vice versa. The riders didn’t seem to like the slow music as they pedaled.


The choice of music has to be done with great care since there are songs that can be a bit deceptive. The best music is one that has around 120-140 beats /minute. You can calculate the BPM by simply counting. However, you can use software that can help you make the determination. Such software taps with the song and calculates the BPM.

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